One Woman’s Journey to Living Fully in the Love of the Father

I am in the process of fulfilling one of those God given dreams that I never really thought would come to pass. I’m writing a book. From time to time, I will post excerpts and would love feedback to the effectiveness of what I am trying to communicate. Its not a book for everyone. Some will find it “heavy.” But, for those who are longing for freedom deep within, I pray that’s its a tool in the Great Physician’s hand. Here is the forward…because I am an absolute sequential thinker…:)

Who is this book written for? It is written for those who want to be set free from the effects of sin in their lives. It is written for those who want to live in the light of the Lord’s face. Although we may understand that thought on an intellectual level, many of us have not lived the reality of it through the power of the Holy Spirit. This book has been written for those who know they are not whole, but desire with all their hearts to have the fullness of the Kingdom come to fruition in their lives.

I have a friend who says that this is the season that, “God is delivering His deliverers.” In order to excuse our brokenness, we often use the scripture that says,” God has chosen the weak to shame the wise.” In truth God does want to use the weak, but he wants to heal our brokenness so that we are a testimony to the fact that our Savior does deliver us from the power of sin and truly does destroy the works of Satan in our lives. And through that testimony, He wants to use those whom He has set free, to be a liberating force in the lives of others.

If you are sick of the cycle of defeat in your life and you are ready to allow the Lord to do a deep work, then I urge you to join me on this journey. This is the path on which the Healer began my own liberation process. I truly believe that we comfort with the comfort we have been given and although the path has been intense, the Savior has been strong. You may identify in part or in whole, but my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will truly begin to go to those deep places of your heart to pull out the roots of your particular bondage so that you can walk in the light of His love; a love that cast out all fear and longs to reveal that you are truly accepted in the beloved.

About Anna Kristene

Wife, mother, grandmother, student, teacher, mentor who loves Jesus.
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4 Responses to One Woman’s Journey to Living Fully in the Love of the Father

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  2. Catherine says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Regarding your book: This I know (as I’m sure you do as well), if God is in a thing, then it IS the right thing to be doing. Your words, our words are like scattered seeds; some will take root, some will not. But the key words are SOME and WILL.

    May God Bless your family and your endeavors tremendously!

  3. kristene2013 says:

    Thank you Catherine. Encouraging others is always the will of God. Thank you for your encouraging words.

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