Reaching for His Glory

This is something that I wrote awhile back. Isn’t it good to look at things that you have written a year or so ago and see how the Lord has worked in your life. He is faithful and true to bring us through our sojourning all the way home into His heart. Have a wonderful weekend. May I encourage you to seek some quiet time with the Father who loves you like no other.

It’s time to get out and pull up my garden. I had high hopes for it this year, but did not anticipate a record draught. Needless to say, I only got a few tomatoes and one banana pepper. However, I did enjoy watching my lone giant sunflower try to defy the odds and reach its full potential. Truth – God’s principles and ways – are expressed so clearly in His creation, if we will just have eyes that see.

I had planted an entire seed packet of giant sunflowers next to my cucumber plants. I expected a huge crop of cucumbers and was told that if I planted these two together, the birds would eat the sunflower seeds and leave my cucumbers alone. I had one lone sunflower push through the dirt on its way toward the brightness of the summer sky. It really grew too! It almost reached the top of my fence which was about the only thing at that point that was still maturing. Everything else had peaked and was recoiling from the intense heat and lack of rain water.

However, one day I went out to water and saw that my vibrant lone sunflower was bending toward the ground. It was beautiful in color. There were deep orange and yellow tones that were fiery and mesmerizing. It wasn’t dying, the flower looked healthy, but the stem had not matured enough to support the flower’s journey upward. Convinced that the stem just needed time to thicken, I went and found some yarn that I could attach around the stem and then to the fence so that the flower could stand upright. And that’s when the Lord began to show me something…

Many of us are just like that sunflower. There is a measure of God’s Spirit within that expresses His beauty and glory in a vibrant manner, but He longs to bring us into a fuller expression of Himself…He longs to grow us into maturity. The problem is not that we do not desire to follow the Lord into that maturity, the problem is that somewhere within the foundation that we have built our understanding upon is a weak point. Although we are trying to stand and turn our face toward the warmth of God’s glory, we find ourselves bent over and unable to continue our journey upward.

There comes a point in our lives that the Lord will begin to show us the things that stunt our growth. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s unforgiveness, maybe we have lies built up that constantly nip at our feet when we try to run on the heights…it’s different for all of us and yet, the results are the same. In order to thicken the stems of our lives, we are going to have to let Him deal with that one thing…you know that one thing that you keep filing away so that you can just move forward, but it whispers at you and you are beginning to hear it over and over in the depths of your being.

If this is you today, know this…God wants you to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. And although that starts at salvation where the Lord infuses His Spirit into yours so that for the first time you are truly alive In Him, it doesn’t end there. He wants to take over every aspect of your being with His Spirit and his truth and that is why you cannot hold on to that one thing…He will allow us to grow and bloom for awhile…but at some point we come to a crossroads with God Himself and either we are going to hearken to His voice and allow Him to sanctify every area of our being or we are going to grieve His Holy Spirit. If we choose the latter, we may still show forth His beauty in some ways, but our stems will not be strong enough to support the weight of the fullness of His glory.

“Guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23. What is it that issues forth life, but the Holy Spirit of God. Let Him heal your wounded heart. Only the pure in heart will see God. Let Him pour forth His Holy Spirit that teems with life and wholeness. Give Him free access to plow up the thorns and briers that hold back the rivers of life water…He knows the exquisite colors that He wants to manifest within us that will show others His beauty…He knows how to lift us up and cause us to stand no matter what has us stooped over…He knows the truth and He knows what we need to have our hearts cleansed and no amount of propping up is going to change that…let’s allow Him to mature us…we can trust Him.

About Anna Kristene

Wife, mother, grandmother, student, teacher, mentor who loves Jesus.
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