It is Not Good for Man to Be Alone

My husband and I have been battling spiritual warfare toward our family for quite some time. When you are battle weary, you tend to isolate yourself for several reasons. Maybe you are in pain over something and pain drives you within yourself. Or, sometimes it is really necessary to pull back and store up what energy you have to focus it where it needs to go. You can’t win spiritual battles in your own strength, you need the Holy Spirit and He is found through time in the Word and in prayer. You have to pull back from life’s activies and the expectations of others in order to truly pursue the Lord.

However, one of the enemies tools to keep you locked in battle is isolation. See when you are isolated, you are vulnerable. Vulnurable to what you ask? Loneliness, self-pity, self-protection, and other toxic emotional states that most likely are a product of our own thinking of which become exaggerated by the schemes of the enemy. When we are not connected to the body of Christ, the particular lies to which we succumb are all we hear. Breakthrough often comes as we join with others in pushing back the darkness. Even God is not a lone ranger – in His completeness, He is three in one.

I am reading a classic book with my youngest two sons called Sir Knight of the Splendid Way by W.E. Cule. Our hero Sir Constant has found himself off the path he started down and is realizing that he will have to fight his way out of deception in order to get back to his original journey. Here is an excerpt:

“Hearken, comrade,” he cried mightily, “This is Thy battle, and the glorious end shall be thine. Strike hard and conquer! As for us, we stand by to guard against a coward blow.” At that call Sir Constant recovered himself, for it was as wine to the heart. He saw on the one side the aged and gallant Sir Valoris, who was cousin to Sir Fortis, and whose story spoke so clearly of the great hopes of those who looked to find him worthy of their gallant fellowship. On the otherside stood Sir Felix, with the clean name and the clean heart of his own longing, such a knight as he would have loved to be but could never be for the foes that ambushed him so easily and the feet that so quickly turned aside from the Splendid Way. Yet even in his shame these stood by him, his cause their own; so his heart bounded, and his arm was nerved, and the light came back to his eyes. In a moment, he forgot his wounds and renewed the battle fiercely.”

If you are in a battle today, let me encourage you to allow others to storm the throne room of heaven with you. Your deliverance is only found in One – Jesus. Others cannot bring about the victory for you, however, where two or more agree…God answers. When Moses went up to pray, Aaron and Hur held up his arms. Even Jesus took three from the twelve when he needed to pray. Run toward your church family today…God has set the lonely in families…it is His way.

Here are some other writings today that I hope encourage you!

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Wife, mother, grandmother, student, teacher, mentor who loves Jesus.
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4 Responses to It is Not Good for Man to Be Alone

  1. Beautiful!!! Well written, filled with wisdom!

  2. Shelley says:

    Nice and an encouraging word ~ I can relate to that ! ; )

  3. akmccoy72 says:

    Boy did I need to hear this. Thank you for sharing and following my blog. The excerpt from the book reminds me of Paul’s writings. And it is so true isolation is such a trick of the enemy. Been there done that, and I was miserable. This year I have declared war on my comfort zone and let people in and its is so much like medicine. Thanks again and blessing to you.

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