Orphan or Heir

Recently a missionary from Scotland came and spoke at our church. He posed the thought that although Christians should walk as sons and daughters of the King, we very often still operate in an orphan spirit. It was a thought that had been coming at me from many different sources. What does an orphan spirit look like? An orphan has been abandoned, abused, discarded, and has not had the security needed in order to be able to live a life knowing that he or she is loved. Because of that, they are often dominated by fear, insecurity, perfectionism, anger, and a host of other fleshly responses to the issues of life.

Although it is true that we are all orphans in a sense until we come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, many times even as Christians, we stay in that mindset never coming to the understanding that salvation has not only saved us from the penalty of sin, but has completely eradicated our old identity and made us true sons and daughters of the King with all the heavenly benefits of a perfect Father.

Why do we not let go of all that entangles and live knowing that we are now accepted in the beloved? Why is it so difficult for us to receive the love that the Lord so freely gives? Because although we have gone through a great transfer from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light, we still have mindsets that need to be broken from our thought processes in order for us to walk in wholeness and authority.

Is it not time for you to be able to receive the love of your Father and experience that freedom for yourself? The link to the book below is my own journey from an orphan mindset to a daughter of the King. My prayer is that you will find some spiritual insight into your own struggles that can unlock the chains that keep you bound in pain and defeat. You do not have to wear those chains anymore! Jesus has won the victory for you, but you have to want that victory to come to fruition in your life. It is not automatic.

All proceeds go toward ARISE Ministries. We are both an evangelistic prayer ministry for the lost and a prophetic healing ministry for the church. We know that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. He alone knows how to cut between soul and spirit, joint and marrow and is a discerner of the intent of our hearts. He alone knows how to free us from the effects of sin and cause us to walk in our inheritance as heirs to the Kingdom.

This love and freedom is not for a special few dear one, it’s for you. We are here to pray for you, encourage you, and get you started on your journey, but you have to know that your journey is yours alone and only the Holy Spirit knows what path you must take in order to learn who you truly are in Christ. But oh for the joy set before us…


About Anna Kristene

Wife, mother, grandmother, student, teacher, mentor who loves Jesus.
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3 Responses to Orphan or Heir

  1. Messenger At The Crossroads says:

    One of my favorite themes. Working on an article now in consideration of Psalm 8 – what is man? I think the Biblical answers are far more powerful than the orphan mindset you have written about. Yes, freedom to be sons and daughters of God! Thanks for you words and your work.

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