The Trumpet Sound


“The Bible will not let us be indifferent to the personal activity of God in making known His salvation to a lost world. This, of course, Christ commanded explicitly in the Great Commission to His church. But more compelling than the commands of Scripture is the very nature of the Word itself.

What is a word? A word is the expression of someone seeking to make Himself known. It is thus inseparable from the personality of the one speaking. Moreover, a word is never silent or static, for the fact that there is communication indicates action.

When this is seen in terms of the Bible, the Word thrusts believers into evangelism. God has spoken – He has personally acted to declare His salvation – and for us to ignore the obligation to make known the Good News would be to repudiate with our lives what we profess with our lips. If we truly believe this Gospel, we should “peach the word” and “do the work of an evangelist.”

The word preach here, and in many other places in the New Testament, comes from a term used in that day to designate a herald of the court. It conveys the picture of a messenger coming into a city, assembling the people in the public square by the blowing of a trumpet, and then with awesome authority, lifting up his voice to read the king’s command.”

Excerpt taken from “The Heart of the Gospel” by Robert E Coleman

About Anna Kristene

Wife, mother, grandmother, student, teacher, mentor who loves Jesus.
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